Monday, August 1, 2011

"I can be your Gyro, Baby..."

Been a while since I've posted on my blog. But on Sunday, July 24, after church I went to Mr. Gyros. Mr. Gyros is a new drive through on Alpine Avenue. The owner used to ow East Town Cafe. I reviewed them a couple months ago. Mr. Gyros is a restaurant that serves Greek and American food. They claim to have America's best hummus and gyros. I tried both out. I had the regular gyro. This is beef/lamb gyro meat, cucumber sauce, tomatoes, and red onion wrapped up in pits bread. It was finger-lickin' delicious. I had to lick drips of saucy goodness off my fingers. I'd have to agree that its the best gyro in America. I also had a pita with hummus. The hummus was garlicy, with a nice amount of lemon. It was pretty good. I'd say its the second best in America, because my mom is actually known for her amazing hummus. You can also order baklava, hotdogs, greek salad, greek fries, onion rings, and platters. They have falafel, stuffed grape leaves, tabbouleh. You can make your gyro into a meal by adding fries and a drink. You can drive through, have it delivered, or walk up and order at the window. There is a couple tables outside that you can eat at. Price wise, it is kind of expensive for a drive through, but pretty average for Greek food. I think I will go again-maybe on my birthday. I give 5 stars for Mr. Gyros. If you live in Grand Rapids, especially on the westside, you shouldn't miss this one.

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  1. Yeah buddy, I went there at your dads suggestion and it would rival any kebab shop in Europe!