Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Maggie's Mexican

On Saturday I went to Maggie's Kitchen for my blog. I went with my family. Maggie's Kitchen is a local, 8 time award winning, Mexican restaurant. So I figured it should be good. It is located on Bridge Street on the northwest side of Grand Rapids. It is run by Maggie. We were waited on by her son. She was cooking behind the counter. It isn't a very big restaurant. It has interesting decor. The are maps of Mexico that have words in Spanish. There is a juke box which plays music. You have to pay and pick your song. It is an unusual juke box. It plays Mexican music. There is a painting that had an eagle eating a snake on a cactus on an island in a puddle. It is a picture of the legend of where they should build Mexico City. There was a circle wood carving of Aztec symbols. Everything was painted in bright citrus colors. I had a taco, spanish rice, fried vegetables, and refried beans. My taco had lettuce, tomato, guacamole and chicken. I also had a pineapple flavored Mexican pop. I tried some of mom's pork burrito. Ethan and Elsie had the same thing as me. I also had chips and salsa. The salsa was medium-not too spicy. It was all delicious. I would like to go again. It was kind of expensive though. And there is no kid's menu. It is a unique experience, well known in and around Grand Rapids. I give 5 stars for Maggie's Kitchen.

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  1. That is where I get my Burrito seasoning. It's the best. I thought the food looked really good the last time I was in there...and they were doing a really good lunch business. I am going to have to start saving up so Grandpa and I can try some of the places you write about. They sound really good.