Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Sweetheart Breakfast

On Friday, October 15, I went to one of our old favorites, Cherie Inn, with my family. We went for my mom's birthday. This restaurant is in East Town, a small burg of Grand Rapids. They serve breakfast and lunch, but I came for breakfast. "Cherie" is French for "sweetheart or darling". It is a very old restaurant in a very old building. It is one of the longest running restaurants in Grand Rapids. It is an unusual triangular shaped building. Lining the entrance walls are old pictures of the restaurant throughout the years. This restaurant is not exactly fancy, but it is nice. All the tables had vases of freshly cut flowers. They use clear glass water goblets and also put glass carafes of ice water on each the table. Did you know you can get your finger wet and rub it on the top of goblets and it makes music? You should try it at one of those nice restaurants sometime. The walls were white plaster, and the ceiling had carved plaster corner decorations. I had the lumberman's special which I shared with Elsie and Ethan. It was big. It has fried eggs, scrambled eggs, bacon, oranges and pineapple, and pancakes. It was very good. I also had hash browns-shredded and fried potatoes. The food was presented nicely. At Cherie Inn, breakfast is expensive. Everything was al a carte (that means that everything is paid for separately). But we has a coupon that made it not so expensive. I keep going there because there are good breakfasts, books for kids to read, etch-a-sketches to draw with, and attentive and quick service. I give 5 stars for Cherie Inn.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Family style-Italian Style

On Sunday, October 3rd, I went to Pietro's for lunch. We had just had family pictures taken, and I was hungry. Like always, I went with my family. Pietro's is an Italian restaurante' on 28th Street. It specializes in family style dining, which is when you order multiple things and everyone shares. I had "pick a pasta/pick a sauce". I picked fettucini with meat sauce and a giant meatball. The meatball was almost the size of a baseball. It was chewy. The meat sauce was chunky and had lots of garlic. We had calamari with lemon juice squeezed on it. We also had oven fresh bread with olive oil. The olive oil had piles of cheese in it. You can usually watch them making the bread through the lobby window, but they weren't doing it this Sunday. I also tried my brother's pepperoni pizza, my dad's fettucini michael, and my mom's pasta with spicy sausage. Kid's meals are really cheap, only $.99, Sunday-Thursdays. It is a very good deal because it usually costs a lot of money, and you got a lot of food. In the lobby there are cooking pots, pans, and spoons hanging from the ceiling. There were old time photos, probably from Italy. It was kind of dark so they had oil lamps on each table. It was very clean. It wasn't too busy, though it usually is. It might be because people aren't eating out as much these days, or that it was a bit past lunch time and everyone was done. I will go again because the food was awesome! I give 5 stars for Pietro's!