Monday, May 17, 2010

A is for Arnie's

On Saturday, May 1, I went to the 54th street Arnie's for breakfast. We attended mom's race to cheer her on, and then we went to Arnie's because we were hungry and wet. Watching a race is hungry work. Oma and Opa came to the race too, so we took them with us to breakfast. I had orange juice to drink. It was very sour. I ordered off the children's menu. Mom doesn't usually let me do that for my blog. I had good scrambled eggs, greasy bacon and greasy sausage, and toast. It had LOTS of butter on it. It looked like they used an ice cream scoop to put it on. The windows were really cool. They had square glass blocks. I saw a sign that said "Route 66." I have a movie about Route 66. Its called "Cars".There's also a funny song by Nat King Cole, "Get your kicks on Route 66." The service was good. My waitress let my pick three crayons. Most restaurants only let you have 2 crayons. She was pretty patient because we kept changing our orders. The food came quickly. I will maybe go again, but Wolfgang's definitely has a better breakfast. I will have to get my parents to take me to Wolfgang's so I can review that. I give Arnie's four stars because it was good, but could be better. The food was good, but the company was awesome! Love you Oma and Opa!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I love Olives!

On Mother's Day, I took my mom to Olive Garden with the rest of my family. It was very busy. Dad called ahead though, so we only had to wait about 10 minutes. I definitely recommend "call ahead seating." We had a delicious, four course Italian dinner. For my appetizer, I had breadsticks. I love their salty, buttery goodness. With my breadsticks, I had salad. The salad has black olives. I like them. I always ask for them. For the entree, I had the Steak Fonduta. It had small bow ties, green onions, steak and tomatoes with a cheese sauce. It was a little bit like a fancy macaroni and cheese. I also tried the Stuffed Chicken Marsala with mashed potatoes. Both entrees were equally tasty. For dessert, I had zeppolis. Zeppolis are sugary donuts shaped like pillows. They came with raspberry sauce and chocolate sauce for dipping. Our waitress suggested that we first dip them in the chocolate, then the raspberry. Awesome! The dining room had flowers and a plaster medallion carving of Roman Charioteers. The service was great. Our food came quickly. Our waitress was Katelyn. She was fun and bubbly. She checked my muscles to show that I had enough room for all my food. I like going to Olive Garden. Its one of my favorites. The food, the breadsticks, the coloring and the chocolate mints that come with the bill. I will go a lot. I give five stars for Olive Garden.
I've been to a few Italian restaurants lately, but next time I will do a different kind.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Very Italian

Yesterday I went to Johnny Carinos where I had a delicious four course dinner with my family. I started with freshly baked bread and dipping oil. It is my favorite appetizer. Next, I had Caesar salad. Did you know that Caesar salad was created by a man named Caesar Cardini in 1924. He was an Italian born in Mexico. He made it up when he ran out of ingredients for other food. Then, for my entree I had then Chicken Pesto Pasta. It was made of fettucini, broccoli, chicken and mushrooms with a creamy pesto sauce. I really liked the pesto sauce. Last of all, I had a "divine" dessert. I had Italian chocolate cake. It was cut in triangles, with a thick layer of chocolate icing, and topped off with toffee bits and almonds. It was served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream dusted with cocoa powder. I shared the cake with my brother, sister and dad, but not the ice cream. It was scrumptious! The dining room was fine. It had lots of cooking tools hung on the wall. The service was good. Our waitress was friendly. She brought us lots of bread. The food came quickly. I will go again. I give five stars for Johnny Carinos!