Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Smokin' Goodness

Three happy customers
On Saturday, October 29, 2011, my family and I made a trek to Roselle, IL to visit our good friends, the Sahlis. Why? Willie recently opened his own restaurant and we wanted to try it out. Its called Smokin' Will's-"Smokin'" because he cooks all his meat in a smoker. We went for a late dinner. Smokin' Wills is a barbecue restaurant. He has Italian sausage, Vienna hotdogs, pulled pork, beef brisket, and ribs, all smoked to perfection. Well, maybe not the hotdogs. He created his own 3 signature barbecue sauces named after 2 of his employees and his wife Margaret. I tried "Sweet Caroline." Sweet Caroline is the base sauce. It is made up of 8 pounds of brown sugar, and molasses and other things I can't remember. A batch makes about 4 gallons. It is good and sweet. There is "Lindy Sue" which is a spicier version of "Sweet Caroline" and "Brazen Hussy" which is very spicy and is named after Margaret. Dad tried and enjoyed all three. I had the pulled pork combo with sweet potato fries and potato salad. My fries were covered in cinnamon sugar. Fantastic! I put "sweet caroline" on my sandwich and fries. I had the sweet potato fries and potato salad, but you can also get regular fries, onion rings or spicy cowboy pinto beans. Their candy dish is a spittoon. The decor is very Texan. There is a longhorn skull and antlers hanging on the wall. There are old record covers from old bands hung as pictures that have cowboys and indians on them. The walls are three different shades of orange. The bottom of the walls are covered in corrugated metal. The menu is written on a huge chalkboard next to the counter. The service was pretty quick. Not a long wait at all. I give 5 stars for Smokin' Wills because everything was excellent. I hope it really takes off and I can enjoy many more meals there.

the famed longhorn rack

the sauces

The menu

Smokin' Will in the Flesh, and I know him

I have enjoyed blogging, but I'm moving on. I hope you've enjoyed reading my posts. Maybe I will take up blogging in the future. Thank you everyone for following me so faithfully.

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  1. Awe man, Bryan Marcus! I hope you do continue to blog in the future, you're a good writer and you will only get better if you keep writing.