Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bravo! Panera

On Friday, September 17, 2010, I went to meet my dad for lunch at the Panera Bread on 44th Street in Grandville. We usually go to the Alpine Panera, but dad was working in Hudsonville, so we went here instead. I went with my parents and siblings. Panera is a fast food restaurant. You order, pay and wait for your food at the front counter. By the way, the menu is on the wall. This Panera is big with a two floors, a two story brick fireplace, plus an extra empty room upstairs with a railing. It was busy and loud, and it reminds my mom of an European cafe'. I had a Bacon Turkey Bravo sandwich. It was like a BLT only with turkey. It has a zingy mayonaise. It came with chips and a pickle. I had french onion soup. It was hot and tasted kind of sweet because onions get sweeter after they've been cooked. I also had a chocolate chip muffie, which is a flat muffin, and a strawberry cream scone. I will go again and again because it is pretty healthy fast food-not like McDonalds' junk food. They have good sandwiches, and great bread. I like the bagette. I never had anything there I didn't like. Its always a good experience. And even if its busy, its always only a short wait. I give Panera Bread 5 stars.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Hanging @ Julio's

On Saturday, September 11, I went to Don Julio's, a Mexican restaurant on 28th street. I went because my Uncle Nate was here, I was hungry, and Miss June recommended it. There were 10 of us, but we still got seated quickly. I went with my family, plus Uncle Josh, Aunt Renee, Uncle Nate and the cousins. Don Julio's has a lot of atmosphere but only a little decor. The rooms were kind of dark. It wasn't really noisy, but maybe it would have been if it were crowded. It was clean. I thought the Aztec crucifix statue thing and sun and moon ceramic frescos were interesting. I had chips and salsa. The chips were salty and I could taste the hot pepper and cilantro in the salsa. The kid's food came with two entree items. I had an all cheese quesadilla and a spicy beef enchilada. It was awesome! Our waiter was attentive. He refilled the chips and salsa, and drinks as much as we wanted. He did a cool trick. He balanced a lot of full plates on his arm. The food came quickly. Hardly a wait at all. What Don Julio's needs, though, is customers. I'm blogging about it, so you can go. You can tell your friends about it too. Its a good value for your money, great food, and it would be a pity if they shut down because people didn't go there. I give Don Julio's 5 stars.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

World Famous Breadsticks

This is my first blog in a while. I will be doing more blogging again because I am now back in school.
On Saturday, September 4, 2010, I went to Spanky's Pizza. I went with my family. Spanky's is in Fremont, MI. It is an old restaurant, but they moved into a new building this summer. They have a lot of Coca Cola decor. My favorites are the truck, the radio, the juke box and the different cans. We had their super pack. It comes with a pizza, breadsticks, wings and pop. The pizza was round (like normal) with bacon and green olives. It was good pizza. But let me tell you about their breadsticks. Spanky's has a sign outside that reads, "Spanky's Pizza and World Famous Breadsticks." The breadsticks are awesome! They are spread with butter, and then topped with a thick layer of parmaesan cheese. Then they are baked in the oven. Buttery, cheesy, salty, hot, crispy and soft. Awesome! There are never too many for our family to eat. We had the Italian wings, and washed it all down with some Barq's root beer. Our waitress was nice, but the food took a long time to come. It was worth the wait, and I will definitely go back. I give Spanky's four stars because the food could have come faster. And I like Giordano's pizza better.=) But the breadsticks are worth it all!