Friday, June 3, 2011

East of GR

On May 23, 2011, at lunchtime, I went to Eastown Cafe. It is s little restaurant around the corner from Yolanda's office. I went with mom, Ethan and Elsie. This restaurant has been around for 6 years. It is run by a husband and wife. They serve sandwiches, paninis, kid's meals and breakfast all day. I had the chicken pesto panini which has a layer of tomatoes, cheese, chicken, and of course, pesto. It is made in a grill like a waffle maker. I had Barq's and chips too. They make their own chips. They are thicker than normal chips. They are delicious. Mom had the steak hoagie, which is a steak sandwich on a long bun like a hotdog bun. The restaurant is a lot like Panera Bread where you stand and order but here they bring the food to you. It is small with seating for only 30 people. The food was really good. They were not busy when we were there. Actually we were the only people there, but we went early. We were able to visit with the owners while we ate. That was nice. I will go again. They are putting in an ice cream shop and French pastry shop this month. I give 5 stars for Eastown Cafe.

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  1. You sure do get sounds good to me. I would probably go with the steak hoagie. And the chips sound good to me. I like the thicker chips...kettle chips that I get at Sam's. You'll have to let us know what you think of the pastries when they get them in. Love you and see you soon. Grandma