Tuesday, April 19, 2011

An Outback Barbie

Wow, I haven't blogged for a while because I haven't been to any new restaurants. But, I went to Outback Steakhouse on Saturday, April 16, for dinner. Outback is a nickname for Australia, like "down under." I went with my family. I ran into Mr. and Mrs. Quigley, who is a good friend of my mom. There was lots of interesting Australian decor. There were several boomerangs painted red, blue and yellow. By the door, there was a black wooden thing that looked like a snake. There were also paintings of different criminals and constables from Australia. There was a poster with the Australian pledge and pictures of Australian animals. It was loud because it was busy. I, being at a steakhouse, had a joey (kid's) sirloin, a vegetable mix of summer squash, carrots and peas, bread and butter, and bloomin' onion. A bloomin' onion is vidalia onion wedges battered and deep fried. We dipped it in a spicy chipotle sauce. I washed it all down with Sprite. Mom and Ethan had burgers, dad had steak and shrimp, and Elsie got her chicken fingers. Everyone got what they wanted. The food was all very good. I liked Outback because of all the boomerangs, and the juicy sirloins. I waited only about 20 minutes to be seated. That wasn't bad for a Saturday night. The service was good. It was rather expensive. Kid's meals cost between $5 and $8. But it is worth going for a special occasion. I give 5 stars for Outback.

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  1. I like Outback...their steaks are always good. I also like the steak fries. We haven't been in awhile, but we have a gift card from your mom and dad so we'll be going sometime. Keep writing your blogs...you could tell us about special family times you have in between restaurants. Love, Grandma