Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hero of Gyros

On February 5, 2011 at lunch time, I went to The Pita House. It is also known as Sam's Gyros. When I walk in the door I see 10-15 little tables, yellow walls, and windows that have a view of 28th Street. Not much artwork. There is a patio to eat on in nice weather. It is a typical mom and pop hole in the wall. It is a fast food Middle Eastern restaurant. There is food from Lebanon, Greece and Israel. The menu is on the wall, along with some photos of the food. There is a buffet that the cooks prepare your food from. There is a spit with a lamb and beef mixture that turns while the meat cooks. They will shave the meat off it for your entree. I had a gyro with black olives, gyro meat, lettuce, tomato, cucumber sauce and feta cheese. I also tasted a purple vegetable, hummus, a stuffed grape leaf, falafel, and a cheese pie. My dad shared his fatosh which is a salad with chopped tomatoes, cucumber, green pepper, mint and lemon. My mom shared her tabbouleh-a parsley, tomato, lemon, couscous salad. I like the food a lot. It is not spicy like Indian. The prominent flavors in Middle Eastern cuisine are lemon, mint and garlic. The food has a good taste and lots of flavor. I think the food is delicious. And the way they cook the food is interesting. This restaurant is not fancy. It is busy. People go because the food is fantastic. Most entrees are between $7-$13. It is definitely worth it. I give 5 stars for Sam's Gyros.

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  1. This sounds like an interesting place. We may have to try it sometime when we're up there visiting. Keep up the good work. See you soon. Love, Grandma