Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Food fit for an "Indian" King

On Sunday, January 16, at lunch time, I went to Palace of India with my family. This restaurant is on Diamond and Fulton. It serves Northern Indian cuisine. It is a buffet at lunch and a la carte at dinner. I don't like Indian too much but I went because mom and dad say, "you don't have to like it, but you do have to try it." Mom and dad also want to expand my tastes. There is lots of food on the buffet like fresh garden salad, vegetable curry, chicken curry, fried vegetables and chicken, spinach stuff, and tiki masala-which is a spicy mixture of tomatoes and chicken. They bring fresh naan to your table. I also had mango lassi-a drink that's made of mangos, milk, sugar, yogurt and cardamon. I also tried the tiki masala, salad, spicy spinach stuff, rice and chicken curry. My favorite was the naan and mango lassi. The restaurant is small with about 10 tables. It has a gold ceiling of carved plaster typical of old Eastown buildings. There were paintings of Indian girls doing the spinning wheel, getting water from a well, and swinging, and a painting a a lake by itself. I will maybe go again because it was good, though spicy and expensive. I give 4 stars for Palace of India because mom and dad liked it, but its rather too spicy for kids.


  1. Great review Brian Marcus!
    I've never been to Palace of India before, but I think I may try it now.

    Maybe Casey and I will go there on a date soon..

    Say hello to the family!

  2. I love Indian food...I don't like the really hot spicy stuff, but their is plenty of things that are not to spicy but have lots of good flavor. I too like Naan. I would like to try the drink...I've never heard of it. Sounds like a smoothie. We really enjoyed the Indian food your mom and Aunt Renee made when we were there last time.