Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Thanksgiving Dinner 2010

I went to my grandma's house in Texas for Thanksgiving. There was a crowd of 26 people there: the Eapens, the Gomez family, all the Thomas'(except for Josh and Renee, Abby and Ruth), and great grandma and great grandpa. There was lots of food-so much that it covered the island and a table. The food was served buffet style. Now get ready for your mouth to water...There was dark and light turkey, with gravy. There was applesauce and marshmellow jello- which is made of colored marshmellows, pineapple and pistatio pudding. Its a Thomas tradition. There was also another kind of jello. It was called blueberry jello. It had blueberries, and a layer of white cream. Grandma made a pretty basic stuffing, and mom made one with sausage, apples and nuts. Mom made cranberry creme dream salad. There was squash (which I don't like) and sweet potato casserole from Mrs. Gomez. There were mashed potatoes and Aunt Dena made a green bean casserole. And last of all there was a relish tray, and cranberry jelly, and rolls. I didn't try everything, but the food I had was awesome. I sat at a round table with all the kids. It was fun! Later, when everyone was hungry again, dessert was served. There was peanut butter pie, Aunt Bekah's cake balls, Mrs. Eapen's spice cake, Grandma's pumpkin pie, and Uncle Seth's strawberry chocolate cake. I like Thanksgiving because I can spend time with my family and remember what I am thankful for. Just to let you know, I'm thankful for delicious food. I give 10 stars for Grandma (and her helpers).

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  1. Well, thank you so much Brian Marcus for such a glowing review. It is my favorite meal in the whole world to prepare...I guess it's because I am cooking it for the people I love the most in the world. We sure did have lots of help this year and I am thankful for that. We all have so much to be thankful for. God has blessed us so richly. I love you. Grandma