Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Everything's bigger in Texas

Last week I went to Texas to visit my grandma and grandpa. I was invited to my Great Aunt Sara's house while I was there to write a review on her cooking. I don't usually go to people's houses to do reviews but I made an exception for Aunt Sara. It was a fun time. Everyone should have an Aunt Sara like mine. She put a lot of work into making it a special experience. Before I arrived, Aunt Sara put out a lot of snacks. There was a fruit basket carved out of a watermelon that was filled with cantaloupe, watermelon, honeydew, grapes, blueberries, raspberries and pineapple. It was juicy and delicious and looked awesome. There was also chips and salsa and cheese dip. There were crackers and cheese. There was a vegetable tray with ranch veggie dip. And this was just the snack. I took a break from eating to swim in her backyard pool. Then we had dinner. She made pork and chicken shish kabobs and baked beans. Grandma made pasta salad. I got to get my own food. It was really good. There was a t.v. in the room and I watched Prince Caspian while I ate. I got to drink sprite, and eat lots of candy. There were flashlight suckers, mini m&ms, hershey's chocolate bars, and kit kats. It was great. For dessert she made eagles out of coconut coated marsh mellos on chocolate cookies, with cashews for beaks. They were very cute. I have a picture that I will try to post later. I know everyone can't go to Aunt Sara's, but if she was a restaurant I'd give her 7 stars. Thanks, Aunt Sara!


  1. I can attest to the fact that the food was delicious!

  2. It was a good day and lots of good food and I think you did a good job of describing the food and how good it all was...keep it up.

  3. Aunt Sara finally was able to figure out how to comment. Thank you so much Brian Marcus for such an awesome review. I am so glad you came down to Texas. I love you very much. I did not make the eagles though. I tried, but failed. Janice made them and did a wonderful job.