Tuesday, June 1, 2010

"Wok" On

On Sunday, May 30, 2010, I went to First Wok on Alpine. On Sundays, you always get complimentary soup and egg roll. Its a good deal, which is why we go on Sundays. For my drink, my waiter gave my 3 glasses of Red Grapefruit Sierra Mist. I didn't ask for it, but I sure liked it. It made me wild. That didn't make my mom happy. For my soup, there were two choices, egg drop or hot and sour. I chose egg drop soup, but I did try dad's hot and sour. It wasn't that hot, but it was sour. For my appetizer, I had crab cheese rangoon (my favorite) and egg roll. I tried ketchup and hot mustard on the egg roll. It was spicy. It burned my tongue. For my entree, I ordered Phoenix Dragon Chicken. I thought it would be hot, but it wasn't. It had shrimp, pea pods, chicken and lots of other veggies. I liked that it had lots of vegetables. I used chopsticks to eat it. It was easy. I also tried some of my dad's Mongolian chicken, and my mom's pork with black mushrooms. They were good, but I liked my entree the best. First Wok has some interesting decor. When you walk in the door, you see a golden Fat Buddha. In the dining room there was a sculpture of a school of fish. The service was excellent. Our waiter joked with us. My dad asked for Dr. Pepper, and our waiter said, "no doctors in the house." Then dad asked for root beer. Our waiter said, "we have beer, but not root." He also brought us extra egg rolls and soup. These are the nice touches that keep me going back. The food came quick. I will go again soon. Its a great restaurant. They have good food. They also do nice, little things that make your experience awesome. I give 5 stars for First Wok.
You should "Wok" on too!

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  1. I like First Wok too. I especially like the crab chees rangoon. It is the only thing with seafood in it that I willingly order and eat. I usually dip mine in sweet and sour sauce...I also use that sauce for my egg rolls. I am really enjoying reading your blogs. Love, Grandma