Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Fishy Experience

Last night, I went to a new restaurant in town, Fuji Yama, with my dad and brother. Fuji Yama is a Japanese Steakhouse that serves Japanese, Thai, and Chinese food. I heard about it from my mom who went to Bible study with one of the owners. We decided it was worth a try. It was fantastic. There were tables with huge pans in the dining room. They are called hibachi grills. We sat at one of those. First, we ordered sushi. I had fatty tuna and California rolls. I had four pieces of fatty tuna because I liked it. I called it "striped" sushi. Next I ordered sushi soup. It has sushi, tiny cheese blocks and seaweed in it. It was amazing. Then I had salad. Just normal salad, but with a different kind of dressing. It was oranges and mustard mixed together. Even though it sounds weird, I would have it again. It was great. After we got through with this stuff, our hibachi chef came to our table so he could cook our entrees and do a show. I had salmon, fried rice, vegetables, and noodles with ginger sauce. I loved it! Ginger sauce is great. I also tried seafood sauce and wasabi. I didn't like the wasabi because it was very, very, VERY spicy. Our cook was a good cook, and a very good performer. He did lots of tricks for us. He spun his flipper on his meat fork. He made a volcano using onions, oil and alcohol. He made a train by pushing smoke around. He cut an egg in half by flipping it into the air, and having it hit the edge of his flipper. At the end of his show, the cook tossed two shrimp at me. The first time I missed, but the second time I caught it in my mouth. I think he must have had to practice a lot to learn his tricks. Ethan would say about these tricks, "don't try this at home."=) I had a lot of fun! I think other kids would like Fuji Yama too. The dinner and show are a very interesting experience.
I give 5 stars to Fuji Yama.


  1. It is fun to see them perform and cook you a wonderful meal. I am enjoying reading what you are experiencing in the food realm. Keep up the good work.