Monday, May 3, 2010

Very Italian

Yesterday I went to Johnny Carinos where I had a delicious four course dinner with my family. I started with freshly baked bread and dipping oil. It is my favorite appetizer. Next, I had Caesar salad. Did you know that Caesar salad was created by a man named Caesar Cardini in 1924. He was an Italian born in Mexico. He made it up when he ran out of ingredients for other food. Then, for my entree I had then Chicken Pesto Pasta. It was made of fettucini, broccoli, chicken and mushrooms with a creamy pesto sauce. I really liked the pesto sauce. Last of all, I had a "divine" dessert. I had Italian chocolate cake. It was cut in triangles, with a thick layer of chocolate icing, and topped off with toffee bits and almonds. It was served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream dusted with cocoa powder. I shared the cake with my brother, sister and dad, but not the ice cream. It was scrumptious! The dining room was fine. It had lots of cooking tools hung on the wall. The service was good. Our waitress was friendly. She brought us lots of bread. The food came quickly. I will go again. I give five stars for Johnny Carinos!

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  1. We ate at Johnny Carino's not to long ago too. I love the bread and the dipping oil. I think Uncle Dave really likes Johnny Carino's too.